MBoC Research Highlights from special issue on Forces On and Within Cells

This webinar will be moderated by lead editors Valerie Marie Weaver, (University of California, San Francisco), Dennis Discher, (University of Pennsylvania), Alex Dunn, (Stanford University), Michael Murrell, (Yale University).  and will feature 3 lighting talks highlighting new research and methodologies published in the special issue Forces On and Within Cells.



Valerie Marie Weaver
University of California,
San Francisco

Dennis Discher
University of Pennsylvania


Alex Dunn
Stanford University


Michael Murrell
Yale University






Starts: January 10, 2024 12:00 pm EST

Website: https://www.molbiolcell.org/forces-within-cells



Hydrostatic pressure activation of WNK kinase
Elizabeth Goldsmith
U Texas Southwestern Med Center

Nonmuscle myosin IIB is a driver of cellular reprogramming
Amanda Balaban
Department of Cell Biology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Current: IDEXX Laboratories

Loops and the activity of loop extrusion factors constrain chromatin dynamics
Ivan Surovtsev
Department of Cell Biology,
 Yale School of Medicine