2024 Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting

SCDB 2024 WILL TAKE PLACE FROM AUGUST 23-28, 2024 ON THE BEAUTIFUL SANTA CRUZ CAMPUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (UC Santa Cruz). The theme of this year’s meeting is “Unifying principles of organismal development”.
Topics will include:
•Cell-cell communication
•Convergent and divergent strategies of morphogenesis
•Information processing and gene regulatory networks
•Cellular transitions and plasticity
•Active matter and mechanics
•Theory and modeling of development
•New technologies and synthetic approaches

The 2024 SCDB organizing committee:
Lucy O’Brien (Stanford)
Ali Shariati (UCSC)
Zev Gartner (UCSF)


Starts: August 23, 2024 12:00 am Pacific Pacific

Venue: UC Santa Cruz

Website: https://scdb2024.sites.ucsc.edu/


Lucy O’Brien (Stanford) - phone number below
Ali Shariati (UCSC)
Zev Gartner (UCSF)

(415) 260-6579