Rizzo Conference Center

Chapel Hill, NC

June 24-27, 2019




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Tabs:                       Contents:

Tab 1                        Funding acknowledgment

Tab 2                        ACT Workshop Schedule

Tab 3                        Learning Objectives

Tab 4                        Workshop Presentations

4.1          Elevator Speech

4.1i         Elevator speech handout

4.2        Introduction to Effective Mentorship for Scientists

4.3a      Obtaining a Faculty Position at a research-intensive institution

4.3b      Obtaining a Faculty Position at a PUI

4.3c      Preparing a tenure portfolio at a research-intensive institution

4.3d      Preparing a tenure portfolio at a  PUI

4.4        Active Career Management: Preparing for the Practicum

4.5a      Setting Up and Managing a Lab at a Teaching Intensive Institution

4.5b      Setting Up and Managing a Lab at a Research Intensive Institution

4.6        Entrepreneurial Skills

4.7        Getting to Yes: Managing Challenging Conversations and Difficult Decisions

4.8        Negotiation Fundamentals: Know Your Value; Know Your Worth

4.9        Teaching the DIBS way (Data In Biological Sciences)

4.9i       ICB highlights

4.10      Time Management: Time is the Currency of Life

4.11      The Whole You: Work-Life Integration

4.12      Proposal Development in the Current Funding Landscape


Tab 5                         Practicum Resources

5.1        Practicum worksheet

5.2        Practicum rubric

5.3        Check-in template


Tab 6                        List of Participants

Tab 7                        Participants, Speakers and Staff Bio’s

Tab 8                        ASCB|EMBO 2019 Meeting

Tab 9                        ASCB|EMBO Travel Awards

Tab 10                     Conference Center Information

Tab 11                     ACT Calendar of Events

Tab 12                     ASCB miscellaneous

12.1      ASCB Committee flyer

12.2      ASCB Palm Flyer