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2012 ASCB Annual Meeting

Warning to Exhibitors

Dear Colleague,

The American Society for Cell Biology management has learned that the company FAIRGuide Construct Data Publishers Verlag AG is using the ASCB name and trademark to solicit current and former ASCB exhibitors. ASCB DOES NOT SUPPORT THE FAIR GUIDE. Construct Data and its directory FAIR Guide are not associated with, or endorsed by ASCB. Furthermore, Construct Data's use of the ASCB name and trademark in its solicitations is unauthorized.

Construct Data sends exhibitors a form inviting them to sign up for a listing in its online directory FAIRGuide. Exhibitors are misled into believing that the solicitation is associated with the ASCB-it is not. Furthermore, exhibitors can easily be tricked into placing a directory listing in the FAIR Guide entering into a three-year, irrevocable agreement requiring them to pay a significant amount of money with no foreseeable benefits.

Contruct Data has been the object of on-going investigations by international law enforcement and government agencies. Furthermore, numerous associations and other trade show owners have filed complaints and lawsuits against Construct Data in the United States and abroad for its fraudulent and misleading business practices. ASCB management has contacted Construct Data directly demanding that it stop targeting our exhibitors with its solicitations.

In the meantime, ASCB strongly warns exhibitors to exercise extreme caution with respect to Construct Data's solicitations and any other suspicious third-party offers in order to avoid unwarranted and/or unnecessary financial commitments.

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) have initiated a "Call to Action" on this issue, and we strongly urge you to join this effort to bring FAIR Guide/Construct Data to justice.


Ed Newman
American Society for Cell Biology

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