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2009 Celldance Film Winners

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First Place - "2PEF Imaging Captures Gastrulation in Fly Embryos"

Submitted by: Angela Stathopoulos (California Institute of Technology)

Public Outreach Category Winner - "Down the Impact Factor Ladder"

Submitted by: Duane Compton Lab (Dartmouth Medical School)

Second Place- "ATP Synthase"

Submitted by: Graham Johnson (The Scripps Research Institute & fivth.com)

Third Place - "To Paint a Van Gogh in 25 Minutes"

Submitted by: Dennis Breitsprecher (Hannover Medical School)

Honorable Mention - "Microdomaindance"

Submitted by: Emmanuel Derivery (Centre National de la Reherche Scientifique (CNRS))

Honorable Mention - "Zipping..."

Submitted by: U. Serdar Tulu (Duke University)

2009 Celldance Image Winners

First Place - "Save the Last Dance for Me"

Submitted by: Aswati Subramanian (Miami University)

Second Place- "Sea Creature Radiance"

Submitted by: Michael Shribak (Marine Biological Laboratory)

Third Place - "Chaperone's Embrance"

Submitted by: Graham Johnson & Sander Tans (The Scripps Research Institute & fivth.com)

Honorable Mention - "Cryptic Colonic Moutainscapte"

Submitted by: Kaelyn Male (Duke University Medical Center)

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