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Photographs will be taken at the 2015 ASCB Annual meeting. By checking this box, and attending the Undergraduate Program and/or Keynote, I agree to allow the ASCB to use my photo in any ASCB-related publications or on the ASCB website.

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By checking this box, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the ASCB and its governing bodies, officers, directors, employees, and/or agents from all loss, damage, or liability arising out of or related to my attendance at the 2015 ASCB Annual Meeting. I assume all risks associated with my attendance and participation in on- and off-site activities.

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I understand that I will need to print my confirmation and bring it to the Saturday Only Badge Pick-Up counter in the registration area in Lobby D of the convention center to gain access to the Undergraduate Program and Keynote. This registration is for the the 2015 Annual Meeting Undergraduate Program and Keynote only..

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