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Essays by Four ASCB-Gibco Prize Recipients

March 29, 2017

In fall 2016, ASCB awarded ASCB-Gibco Emerging Leader Prizes to three cell biology researchers. The prizes honor not-yet-tenured independent investigators…

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Celldance Mashup Video Will Rock Your Smart Phone

June 2, 2016

Give us a minute and we’ll knock your cellular socks off. Celldance Studios, a.k.a. the ASCB’s Public Information Committee (PIC),…

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A New Controller for Thomas the Tubulin Engine

February 24, 2015

Devotees, past and parental, of Thomas the Tank Engine may recall the differences between English railway language and American railroad…

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Our People—Wendland Named Dean, Early-Career Funding for Miller, Pederson Gets Third Degree

February 19, 2015

Wendland Appointed Dean of Hopkins’ Krieger School of Arts and Sciences A member of ASCB’s Women in Cell Biology Committee…

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Researchers Must Rediscover Forgotten Organisms from the Past Says Graham Warren

February 18, 2015

The current “stars” of lab model systems—round worms, fruit flies, and yeasts—are too limited, says Graham Warren, professor at the…

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NIH Director Collins Hails ASCB’s Celldance Video As “Microscopic Blockbuster”

January 29, 2015

In his “NIH Director’s Blog,” Francis Collins has singled out an ASCB 2014 Celldance video as a “microscopic blockbuster” and…

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