New ASCB committee chairs, co-chairs, and committee members approved by the executive committee

With the exception of members of the Nominating Committee, who serve one-year terms, the other committee members will serve three-year terms beginning in 2020.

Committee for Postdocs and Students
Caitlyn Blake-Hedges (Co-Chair)
Matthew Akamatsu
Vladimir Botchkarev
Joleen Cheah
Jami Conley Calderon
Tim Fessenden
Amanda Meyer
Natalya Ortolano
Ankita Patil
Kristen Skruber
Sumana Sundaramurthy
Joseph Varberg

Education Committee
Alison Dell
Jayme Dyer
Adam Gromley
Kim Kandle
Yinghui Mao

Finance & Audit
William Bement

International Affairs
Celia R. S. Garcia (Chair)
Steven Fliesler
Keigi Fujiwara
Sandhya Koushika
Pascale Leroy
Yujie Sun
Kyoko Yokomori

Ryan Petrie
Jenifer Prosperi
Byeongwoon Song

Minorities Affairs
Lina Dahlberg
Leticia Vega

Bob Goldstein (Chair)
Derek Applewhite
Prachee Avasthi
Brian Lewis
Rodrigo Maillard
Avital Rodal
Shirley Tilghman
Scott Wilkinson

Public Information Committee
Joseph Glavy
Ana Kasirer-Friede
Gang Ning

Public Policy
Holly Goodson (Chair)
Saidie Wignall

Women in Cell Biology
Debra Baluch

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This post was collaboratively written by several ASCB staff members.