ASCB Elects 39 to Lifetime Achievement Fellows Program

The ASCB Council has named its first ASCB Fellows, members selected for their lifetime achievements in advancing cell biology. The ASCB Fellows Program was launched by a selection of an initial cohort of 10 Inaugural Fellows who have a demonstrated career of exceptional contributions to science and service to the ASCB.

The Inaugural Fellows were elected by the ASCB Membership Committee and then approved by the ASCB Council in September. The Inaugural Fellows were tasked with seeding the program by nominating additional ASCB Fellows, and their final list has been approved by Council. In subsequent years, 10–15 new Fellows will be appointed.

To be nominated as an ASCB Fellow, a candidate must have been an ASCB member in good standing for at least 10 of the last 15 years, have a demonstrated record of exceptional scientific contributions to cell biology, and served in a major leadership role or been named the winner of a major ASCB award such as the E.B. Wilson Medal or the Keith Porter Lecturer.

Once the Fellows Program is established, an ongoing Fellow Review Committee made up of five ASCB Fellows, a Council representative, and a past ASCB president, will solicit, review, and recommend new ASCB Fellow nominations once a year to Council.

Inaugural Fellows
Thomas D. Pollard
Ron Vale
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
James A. Spudich
Zena Werb
Susan Lindquist*
Clare M. Waterman
Marc W. Kirschner
Bruce M. Alberts
Randy W. Schekman

Newly Named Fellows
Peter Agre
Mary C. Beckerle
Mina Jahan Bissell
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Gunter Blobel
Donald D. Brown
Joan S. Brugge
Kevin P. Campbell
Don W. Cleveland
Peter Devreotes
David Gil Drubin
William C. Earnshaw
Elaine V. Fuchs
Joseph G. Gall
Robert D. Goldman
Lawrence S. B. Goldstein
Franz-Ulrich Hartl
Ari Helenius
Richard O. Hynes
Daniel P. Kiehart
Douglas E. Koshland
J. Richard McIntosh
Timothy J. Mitchison
Tom Rapoport
Sandra L. Schmid
Kai Simons
Joan A. Steitz
Julie A. Theriot
Peter Walter

*The ASCB has learned of the death of Susan Lindquist on October 27, 2016, and extends condolences to her family and friends.

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This post was collaboratively written by several ASCB staff members.