Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus 2016 Briefing Series

All presentations will be from noon until 1:00 PM in the Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-340.

April 15
Zika Virus: What Is It and Can We Stop It?
Scott C. Weaver, University of Texas Medical

May 20
Unearthing the Cause of ALS
Han-Xiang Deng, Northwestern University

June 10
Understanding Vulnerability to Opioid Addiction
Huda Akil, University of Michigan

July 8
Bioengineering the Future
Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of

Sept. 9
Pain Research: On the Verge of a Breakthrough
Allan Basbaum, University of California,
San Francisco School of Medicine

Sept. 16
Cancer Genome Project Offers New Hope for Aggressive Lymphoma
Louis M. Staudt, Center for Cancer
Research, National Cancer Institute

Oct. 5
Are We Close to a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?
Arturo Vegas, Boston University

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