Additional Editors Named for MBoC Special Issue on Forces On and Within Cells


Additional information can be found at

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editor-in-Chief David Drubin and Issue Editor Valerie Weaver have announced the appointment of three additional Issue Editors who will join Weaver in guiding the journal’s first Special Issue on Forces On and Within Cells. The new editors are Andrés Garcia, Georgia Institute of Technology; Alexander Dunn, Stanford University; and Alpha Yap, University of Queensland.

“I am very grateful to Valerie for assembling this team,” said Drubin. “They bring diverse perspectives and expertise and incredible intellectual firepower to this effort. This will be a great issue that will benefit a broad audience of authors and readers.”

The Special Issue will be published in summer 2017 and will include papers that deal with the generation, detection, and effects of forces that act within or upon cells. Additional information can be found at

The issue will also include invited Perspectives on relevant topics. Anyone who is interested in writing a Perspective is encouraged to contact the editorial office at

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts by January 15, 2017, to allow time for them to be reviewed and revised by the deadline for the issue. (Perspectives will be due on February 15.) Manuscripts may be submitted at Questions about the issue should be directed to David Drubin at

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