MBoC solicits papers for second special issue on the Cell Biology of Stem Cells

Cover of the 2018 Special Issue "Cell Biology of Stem Cells" Now accepting papers for 2019!
Cover of the 2018 Special Issue "Cell Biology of Stem Cells" Now accepting papers for 2019!

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Submission deadline extended to August 15

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editor-in-Chief David Drubin has announced plans to publish a second Special Issue on an important emerging area of cell biology, the Cell Biology of Stem Cells. Yukiko Yamashita will oversee the evaluation and selection of manuscripts.

While much attention has focused on the great promise of stem cells for human health applications through tissue repair and disease modeling, stem cells are also proving to be attractive subjects for discovery of biological mechanisms. The abilities to produce many different cell types isogenetically from the same parent stem cells and to produce organoids of many tissue types make stem cells uniquely valuable for studies of cell biological mechanisms.

David Drubin

Among the topics to be included in the Special Issue are:

  • Cell biology of stem cells and cells derived from them, including studies of:
    • Cellular architecture and physiology
    • Stem cell niches
  • Differentiation mechanisms, including:
    • Cellular mechanisms for reprogramming cell architecture
    • Cellular mechanisms for reprogramming cell physiology
    • Genomic and proteomic studies of differentiation
  • Methods for studying and differentiating stem cells and producing organoids
  • Disease models with an emphasis on cell biological aspects
  • Organoids for analyzing cell physiology and collective cell behavior in a tissue-like setting

The Special Issue will be published in early 2020. Authors are encouraged to submit research Articles and Brief Reports by August 15, 2019, and Perspectives (essays) by September 15, 2019, to allow them to be reviewed and revised by the deadline for the Special Issue. Authors who wish to write a Perspective should contact the editorial office in advance.

Manuscripts may be submitted at www.mbcpapers.org. Questions about the issue should be directed to David Drubin at mboc@ascb.org.

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Mark Leader is ASCB's Director of Publications.