Link up at Cell Bio 2022 with Cell Bio Connect



Due to overwhelming demand we are not able to accept additional applicants for this pilot program. Our thanks to everyone who has signed up!

ASCB is piloting Cell Bio Connect to offer intellectual, professional, and social support to first-time attendees, students, and those traveling alone. Participants will be matched with experienced attendees to help navigate and get the most out of the meeting. This initiative aims to help the ASCB community reconnect in person after a couple of years apart. 

“Cell Bio Connect will provide support for attendees who may need a little help navigating a large professional conference, such as session scheduling, professional networking, and practical career advice,” said Brian Theil, ASCB Director of Membership. “The program will pair novice attendees with seasoned attendees so both can get the best possible experience throughout the week.” 

Cell Bio Connect participants can indicate their wish to participate when they register for Cell Bio 2022 and will be contacted with further information. Experienced attendees who wish to serve as a connection can also indicate their wish to participate through registration. Additionally, participants may choose to select assistance with networking, science sharing, and/or career advice from their connection. The program will be operated by various ASCB committee volunteers who will match participants with experienced attendees. 

Participants are expected to:

  • Connect before attending Cell Bio to introduce themselves and discuss specific objectives.
  • Formalize objectives related to the participant’s needs in networking, science sharing, or career advice.
  • Connect at Cell Bio! Visit sessions, exhibits, and posters together throughout the meeting. Be introduced to your connection’s colleagues and get assistance with networking.
  • Follow-up after Cell Bio to determine if the objectives were met during the meeting.

Who can participate?

  • Attendees looking to be matched with a more experienced attendee. This includes first-time attendees, students, those traveling alone, or those simply looking to meet new people in the cell biology community.
  • Experienced attendees looking to guide others throughout the meeting.

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