Did You Know…?

The ASCB Annual Meeting Is Only One of the Many Benefits of ASCB Membership Did you know that as an ASCB member you can save up to 58% (savings vary by member type) on your Annual Meeting registration?  However, the Annual Meeting is by no  … Read more

Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus

The Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus held a briefing featuring Allan Basbaum of the University of California, San Francisco. His talk, “Pain Research: On the Verge of a Breakthrough,” can be viewed at www.coalitionforlifesciences.org.

Reflections on Making the Leap

At ASCB, and especially at COMPASS, we frequently visit the topic of nonacademic careers. Many of us have discussed the growing imbalance in academia, with greater numbers of PhD students being prepared for a niche job market—the tenure-track professorship—that is not growing at a commensurate  … Read more

Broadening Participation in the Life Sciences

The strength and malleability of the life sciences community going forward will depend on our ability to build a life sciences workforce that is representative of the great diversity of people and backgrounds in our society. We envision a diverse workforce that is ready to  … Read more

2016 MAC Summer Workshops Foster the Career Development of Life Scientists at Different Stages in Their Training

The Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) is a standing committee of the ASCB whose goals include fostering the professional development of scientists from underrepresented groups. One of the ways in which the MAC accomplishes this goal is by organizing and hosting summer workshops for ASCB members  … Read more


Looking for new ways to stay up to date with the Cell Image Library? Check us out on Instagram at cell_image_library. Whether you are looking for that one perfect example for a lecture or a big data set to analyze, we can help. Use our  … Read more


The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology of the Cell has highlighted the following articles from the September 2016 issues. From among the many fine articles in the journal, the Board selects for these Highlights articles that are of broad interest and significantly advance knowledge or  … Read more

Yes We Can Cure: The Obama Years

With the election approaching, we are on the cusp of new leadership, new agendas, and new ideas, so now is a good time to assess how biomedical research has fared under the Obama administration. Here’s a look at some of President Obama’s actions that promoted  … Read more

In Memoriam: Winner of 2008 Nobel in Chemistry, ASCB Member Roger Tsien

Nobel laureate and ASCB member Roger Y. Tsien died August 24 in Eugene, OR, according to an official statement from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine,1 where Tsien was on the faculty for 27 years. He was 64. Tsien won the  … Read more