You Can Use MyASCB Portal to Pay for Abstract Submissions

Over 30% of 2014 Annual Meeting attendees who submitted an abstract by the first deadline were selected to give a talk. Submit an abstract today and be selected to speak in one of the cutting-edge Minisymposia.

ASCB members can now use the new MyASCB portal to pay for abstract submission as well as to pay membership dues, make donations, and pay for discounted journal subscriptions.

MyASCB portal also makes it easier for members to update and control their membership account information. You can:

  • Update your areas of research, current funding, work environment, model systems, and experimental approach
  • AutoRenew your ASCB membership
  • Register your ORCID
  • Create your own username and password

To take advantage of all these options, visit MyASCB at

If you have any questions about the MyASCB portal, contact

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