New home, new look for ASCB’s journals

In late March Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) and CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE) will move to a new hosting platform. With that change will come new, more modern website designs and new features.
One feature that will be introduced with the move is “single sign-on,” which will allow ASCB members to access their MBoC subscriptions by logging in with their ASCB username and password. Look for an email about this feature shortly before the transition.

The journals are moving from HighWire Press (formerly part of Stanford University), which has hosted MBoC since the online journal was launched in 1997 and LSE since 2006, to Atypon. Atypon is an established vendor that hosts thousands of scholarly journals on its Literaturm platform, including those of many scientific societies. The new platform will offer much greater flexibility as the journal sites evolve in the future, and the move will result in significant cost savings for ASCB.

ASCB and Atypon staff are working to make sure all back content is transferred and properly displayed on the new sites
and that the move is as seamless as possible for readers and subscribers. The URLs for the journals, and, will not change.

About the Author:

Mark Leader is ASCB's Director of Publications.