ASCB’s Council declares professional character standards for awardees

The American Society for Cell Biology bestows many honorific awards upon deserving individuals in the life sciences across a diverse spectrum of population groups and across all career stages. We look for people who demonstrate excellence in the scientific endeavor and who are excellent citizens of the scientific community.

On September 14, 2018, the ASCB’s Council decided to clearly state what ASCB expects from awardees in terms of character and integrity and what we hope to see demonstrated in any nomination letter we receive. Below is a statement we have placed on every award description page on our website. We invite you to review it, along with our Mission Statement, Anti-Harassment Policy and Workforce Diversity Statement linked within.

Nominees for and recipients of ASCB honorific awards and prizes are expected to exemplify and to continue to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct. Letters of support should explicitly address whether a nominee’s professional conduct over their career embodies the principles and expectations noted in ASCB’s Mission Statement, the Anti-Harassment Policy and the Workforce Diversity Statement.

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