Angelika Amon wins 2019 Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science

Angelika Amon (photo via Vilcek Foundation)

Angelika Amon, the Kathleen and Curtis Marble Professor of cancer research and a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator at MIT, has been named the winner of the 2019 Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science. The Vilcek Foundation Prizes are given to foreign-born artists, scholars, and scientists for significant contributions to society.

Amon, a longtime member of ASCB, was born in Austria. She studies cell growth and division, and how errors in these processes contribute to birth defects and cancer. Her research has shed light on the cellular origins of cancer, miscarriage, and other disorders, and may form the basis for new treatments capable of selectively targeting cancer cells.

Among other honors, Amon is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the European Molecular Biology Organization and has received the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences and the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine. The Vilcek Prize for Biomedical Science includes a prize of $100,000.

Read more about Angelika Amon on the Vilcek Foundation website here.

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Mary Spiro is ASCB's Science Writer and Social Media Manager.