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ASCB is providing training opportunities for African, Central and South American early career researchers in the life sciences, including graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty who are ASCB members (or who become ASCB members upon acceptance). The program provides research and teaching exposure for this group of researchers.

ASCB is partnering with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) and Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) to offer scholarships for these researchers to attend in-person or virtual courses, research experiences, summer research experiences, off-season experiences, and advanced research courses.

ASCB is seeking to:

  • Help African, Central and South American scientists gain exposure in research and teaching.
  • Support African, Central and South American scientists who want to experience an R1 institutional environment or teaching environment.
  • Provide mentoring and networking opportunities to African, Central and South American scientists.
Program Description

The ASCB International Training Scholarship Program will provide funding, mentoring, and networking directly to ASCB members interested in research and teaching experiences within the United States.

ASCB will award scholarships up to $50,000 to pay for courses or independent projects.

Program Benefits

Participants will develop an individual training plan to assist in their career and professional growth. Participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in research, teaching, scientific experimentation, and other scholarly investigation. The cost of ASCB membership will be included in the scholarship amount.


Application Process/Selection

Funded by International Federation for Cell Biology (IFCB)