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The Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Dynamics in Health and Disease Conference

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) will cover basic mechanisms of mitochondrial function, biogenesis, and dynamics as well as their contribution to physiology and pathology, focusing on metabolic diseases, immunology, and cancer.

This conference will bring together scientists from academia and industry who study and aim to identify new points of intervention for metabolic diseases and to exploit the immune system to cure diseases, as well as academic scientists interested in basic mechanisms of mitochondrial physiology.

The main themes of this meeting are: 1) Building the mitochondria; 2) Different aspects of mitochondrial turnover in health and disease; 3) Mitochondria as integrators of cellular metabolism; 4) Mitochondria-derived signaling.

The conference will present:

Mitochondria gene expression
Respiratory chain assembly
Mechanisms of mitochondrial quality control and turnover
Mechanisms of mitochondrial fusion, fission and motility
Mitochondria export and delivery
Mitochondrial fuel preference and oxidation in metabolic diseases
Role of mitochondria in immune cell metabolism
Mitochondria-derived signaling

The keynote lecture will be presented by Paolo Bernardi, MD (University of Padova). The conference will feature 36 talks and 18 shorts talks selected from abstracts, four poster sessions, and a career development session, “Evolving Opportunities in Biotech, Pharma and Academia for Mitochondria Science.”


May 19 EDT
May 24 EDT


Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort
Palm Springs, CA United States + Google Map