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Keystone Symposia: Imaging Across Scales – Leveraging the Revolution in Resolution

Cellular processes are orchestrated by a large number of biomolecules in both spatially and temporally coordinated manners within a small volume. To uncover the underlying organizational principles and their functional relevance, light and electron microscopy are indispensable tools. Light microscopy is exquisitely suited for mapping the spatial localization, temporal dynamics and activity profiles of biomolecules in individual cells and tissues. Advanced electron microscopy technologies support studies for determining the high-resolution structures of isolated biomolecules, as well as biomolecule structure and location within the context of an intact cell. Recent technical breakthroughs have supported the generation of crystal-clear pictures and coordination to biological function of biomolecules from the molecular scale to tissue scale. Further technical advancements and biological discoveries call for seamless integration and correlation of different microscopy modalities, labeling methods and analysis/modeling platforms, as well as close communications between technique developers and biologists. Researchers from these very different disciplines, however, do not often sit in the same room and discuss new developments and opportunities for bridging across fields. Instead, their interactions have been limited to brief encounters at sessions of large society meetings and sporadic small symposiums. This conference aims to bring together investigators from these research communities in order to stimulate new ideas and forge new collaborations, which will help not only to extend the frontiers of microscopy, but also to bridge new technique developments and their potential applications for addressing the complexity of cell structure and function.


April 7 EDT @ 8:00 am
April 10 EDT @ 5:00 pm


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