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HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course on Proteomics

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An intensive course that will focus on proteomics based approaches to probe the cell biology underlying human disease. The HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course brings together scientific leaders in the integration of methods in classical biochemistry and mass spectrometry spanning conventional to more advanced approaches, which enable the analysis of dynamic biological networks under normal physiology and during diseased states such as pathogen infection. The seminars, methods and technologies used during the course will allow an advanced overview of how the integration of conventional “omics” approaches with that of proteomic analyses leads to deeper understanding of biological processes and signaling pathways. Importantly, it will highlight the power of using mass spectrometry and proteomics combined with quantitative analysis to probe signaling networks that are typically perturbed in various diseased states.


The University of Hong Kong
JCBIR 5 Sassoon Road
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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