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3rd Bacterial Cell Biology Conference


Scientific chairs Jeff Errington (Newcastle University) and Christine Jacobs-Wagner (Yale University) are coming together to co-host the 3rd Bacterial Cell Biology Conference. A continuation of the Zing Conference series, the meeting will take place from 26 – 29 Feb 2020 at the beautiful beachside location of the Melia Nassau Hotel, Bahamas.

Bacteria are by far the oldest, most abundant and most diverse organisms on the planet. They are critical players in all of the chemical cycles that maintain an environment that we can live in, and they include terrible agents of infectious disease. Despite this importance, we still know relatively little about their inner workings, outside of a few well studied examples. Recent advances in molecular genetics, genomics and imaging have transformed our ability to dissect molecular mechanisms underlying the growth, shape, division and behaviour of a wide range of bacteria. The results have important implications for our ability to understand bacterial life cycles, their interactions with other organisms, and our ability to interfere with these processes to control bacteria and harness their valuable properties.

Building on the success of previous meetings within the series, the conference will bring together a range of expert speakers from major research centres around the world to give updates on their ground-breaking work, while instructing and inspiring the next generation of researchers in this critical area.


February 26 EST @ 7:00 pm
February 29 EST @ 4:00 pm


Melia Nassau
West Bay
Nassau, Bahamas
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