Early Career Meeting Grants are awarded to select ASCB graduate student and postdoc members looking to organize a small meeting that benefits their local cell biology community. ASCB wishes to contribute to the career development of graduate students and postdocs by providing them with resources to organize a successful scientific meeting that will in turn benefit the meeting’s attendees. The goal is to locally promote scientific education, collaboration, communication, and advancement.

Topics can range from basic science to career development (if a need is defined), as long as there is clear relevance to the broadly defined field of cell biology.

Next Application Deadline: January 15, 2019 

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*Meetings must be held within the same calendar year of funding approval.

What’s Included?

  • ASCB funding up to $1,500
  • Advertising for the meeting on the ASCB website and in the newsletter
  • Code for 50% off ASCB membership for your attendees
  • Emails sent from ASCB to targeted audience (if requested)
  • A pdf flyer (if requested)
  • A registration page (if requested; please note: we cannot provide registration pages to meetings collecting a registration fee)

Successful Applications Include:

  • Opportunities for students and postdocs to present
  • New applicants/organizers (particularly for repeat meetings)
  • Innovative programming that aligns with ASCB’s mission and scientific focus
  • Institutional diversity of organizers, if in a research dense area (e.g., San Francisco, Boston)
  • Maximal diversity among speakers in gender and race (Click here for our WICB referral list)
  • Geographical need
  • Detailed budget that reports funding and/or in-kind donations already received and/or pending. If you are planning to collect registration fees, this needs to be indicated as well.

Note: Those who have previously been granted an Early Career Meeting Grant or Local Meeting funding in the past are welcome to apply again. However, we encourage applications for repeat meetings to have new organizers and originality. Due to the popularity of this initiative, ASCB may only be able to support repeat meeting grant applications if funds allow and may result in less funding.

Applications will not be accepted if:

  • Organizers are not current ASCB members
  • Organizers are not graduate students or postdocs
  • A need for the meeting is not defined


Please contact Alison Harris with any questions or comments.