Education & Professional Development Sessions

Education and Professional Development (EPD) Sessions focus on topics related to the scientific enterprise such as education, career development, international relations, science policy, communications, and diversity in the scientific workforce.

EPD sessions are scheduled Saturday through Tuesday in Exhibit Hall Theaters and private meeting rooms, depending on session requirements.

Now Accepting Applications for EPD Session Organizers

EPD Sessions are organized by members and outside organizations from session idea to execution, including session content and format, speaker invitations, and schedule lineup. We are seeking organizers interested in running an EPD session at Cell Bio 2020.

Eligibility Requirements: ASCB Members (includes committee members), EMBO organization members, and non-ASCB or EMBO organizations.

Application Deadline Extended: Monday, June 1, 2020

How To Apply

Education & Professional Development Session Organizer Application Requirements

  1. All applicants are required to login with your ASCB account first. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one before applying.
  2. You must:
    1. Provide details of your proposed session:
      • Proposed Session Title & Description
      • Proposed Speakers & Alternates
      • Proposed Attendee Learning Outcomes (minimum of 2)
      • Description of Target Audience
      • Proposed Length of Session
      • Number of Attendees Expected
      • Session Room Needs
        • Seating - Theater-Style or Roundtables
        • Audio/Visual Equipment
        • Screen & Projector for Presentation Slides
        • Indicate if this is a panel discussion
      • Indicate if this session has existing grant funding
    2. Confirm you have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined below.

Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement

  • This is a competitive process. Not all applications will be approved.
  • The Review Committee may ask you to merge your session with another applicant or alter your session if similar sessions are proposed. 
  • Do not formally invite your speakers, unless your application has been accepted. You may contact speakers about their interest and availability only. Once your application is accepted, you will have 6 weeks to formally invite speakers and complete your session with final details, including title, description, speakers, and affiliations.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Clear outcomes that align with ASCB and EMBO's mission and focus.
  • A proven need and limited ability to find similar sessions elsewhere (necessity and uniqueness).
  • Diversity of speakers and intended audience to include gender, geographic, and ethnic diversity.
  • Intended level of audience engagement.
  • Availability of existing external grant funding.

Education & Professional Development Session Organizer Responsibilities

  1. Communicate with speakers about their role and the meeting policies. Ensure speakers are registered and understand they are responsible for their travel expenses.
  2. Register for Cell Bio 2020. All speakers and organizers must be paid registrants for Cell Bio 2020. Admission will not be granted if individuals are not registered.
  3. Prepare and submit your final session description, outcomes, and confirmed speakers with affiliations by July 31, 2020. Late submissions are not guaranteed to make it into the meeting program or mobile app. 
  4. Organizers may incur optional expenses, beyond what ASCB provides. 
Meeting Policies
  • All session attendees, including session organizers and invited speakers, must be paid registrants of Cell Bio 2020. Admission will not be granted to individuals without a registration. 
    • Exceptions may be made for organizers or speakers on a case-by-case basis for those who work at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs), minority-serving institutions (MSIs) or work for a non-research organization/institution. 
  • Session Organizer/Speaker expenses are not provided by ASCB or EMBO. You are responsible for all travel, registration, hotel, and other expenses related to the meeting. 
    • Session Organizers may seek grant funding for support. 
Availability Requirements

Session Organizers and Co-organizers must be available on the day of the scheduled session. 


You and your accepted speakers must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Not to defame or slander/libel anyone
  • Not to use copyright/trademark materials without permission
  • Not to speak on anything other than what was agreed to

ASCB & EMBO Responsibilities

ASCB & EMBO will provide the following facilities and services:

  1. A meeting room in the Philadelphia Convention Center
  2. Audio/Visual equipment and a projectionist in the session room 
  3. Marketing of the session on the Cell Bio 2020 website, mobile app, and meeting program

Meeting Room Setup, Audio/Visual, and Marketing are provided by ASCB & EMBO. If you have questions or require changes, contact Alison Harris by October 30, 2020. Any changes or additions may incur additional expenses. 

Meeting Room Setup

ASCB & EMBO will provide a meeting room or space with the following room set options:

  1. Session Room - Room can be set theater-style or with round tables, as desired, for the appropriate audience size. 
  2. Roundtable Section - Sections are available with 16 round tables for up to 160 people. Includes a lectern with microphone. 


ASCB & EMBO will provide a projectionist and the following A/V equipment:

  • Screen
  • LCD projector
  • MAC* with a mouse and keyboard
  • Confidence monitor
  • Video switcher
  • Laser pointer
  • Speaker timer
  • Lighted lectern with microphone
  • Head table with three (3) chairs with one (1) table microphone
  • Aisle microphone

*A PC is not a standard item provided in the A/V package. If you, or one of your speakers, requires a PC, please contact Alison Harris in advance of the meeting. You may be billed directly by Projection (PPT) for additional equipment.

Marketing & Signage

ASCB & EMBO will promote your session in the Cell Bio 2020 website, mobile app, and meeting program. ASCB & EMBO will provide a sign outside the meeting room.

Session Organizers are responsible for Additional A/V Equipment, Food & Beverage, Signage, Program Materials, and Fundraising and the associated expenses. ASCB & EMBO will not pay for these expenses. Please contact the vendor listed below directly for assistance, or your own vendor, if one is not listed.

Food & Beverage

Food and/or beverage must be ordered through Aramark at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. No outside food or beverage can be served. You will be billed directly by Aramark. For more information, contact Bernard Carpenter at  


No signage, other than what the ASCB provides, will be permitted outside the meeting room or taped to walls/doors. 


Contact SPARGO, Inc, Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Sales and Management to discuss fundraising opportunities.