Science Policy

Curtain Finally Going up on President’s “Precision Medicine” Plan

January 30, 2015

On Monday, the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 federal budget proposal will be released, and expectations are high for some encouraging…

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NASA Funding for Your Basic Cell Research Could Be Orbiting Overhead

January 21, 2015

When you next look up at the night sky, know that among the stars and planets there’s a new cell…

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NIH Leaders “May” Require Info on Cell Lines as Reproducibility Problem Persists

December 18, 2014

In a commentary published today in Science, top leadership from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the ASCB responded…

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Did Superresolution Nobel Inspire Congressional Budget Resolution?

December 15, 2014

Perhaps it was the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to William E. Moerner, Eric Betzig, and Stefen Hell for…

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A Broken System or a Fatal Flaw? High-Level Panel to Tackle the Future of Research at ASCB/IFCB Session

November 17, 2014

The biomedical research ecosystem is changing. The resources are scarcer, yet more trainees are competing for coveted tenure-track positions than…

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Show Congress the Face of Biomedical Research—Your Face

October 9, 2014

ASCB’s third annual We Are Research campaign needs you and your labmates to put a face on biomedical research. At…

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Empathy Comes Before Data in Talking Evolution with Doubters, Says NCSE’s Ann Reid

September 4, 2014

In Philadelphia this December, Ann Reid’s mission will be to talk to scientists about talking about the science of evolution…

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ASCB Rescues Federal Scientists from Capitol Hill Sausage Grinder

July 31, 2014

Making sausage and making legislation are not spectator sports but someone has to keep an eye on what’s going into…

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ASCB Takes the Hill

June 5, 2014

Getting the picture: Marty Chalfie (on right) explains unexpected impact from unexpected discovery to Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) on ASCB Hill…

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The Budget Dance—Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

March 4, 2014

2013 will always be known as the year of sequestration. The inability of Congress to do its job resulted in…

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