Research Careers in Biotechnology

Ryan Taft, Senior Director of Scientific Research, Illumina

Milos Lazic, Scientist, Jecure Therapeutics

Mary Matyskiela, Senior Scientist, Celgene


This session will be a panel discussion focused on careers at the bench in biotech. Pursuing a career outside academia is quickly becoming the norm for students and postdoctoral scientists alike. Bench-based industry positions are desirable positions for transitioning academic scientists who enjoy laboratory work, with the majority of industrial postings offering better pay, career progression, and working conditions compared with academic counterparts. The goal of this session is to expose trainees to different industry career paths and provide them with knowledge on how to successfully pursue an industrial position. This session took place at the 2019 ASCB|EMBO Meeting in San Diego, CA.


  1. Learn the daily responsibilities for a variety of scientific research careers in industry.
  2. Understand the differences between academic and industrial research.
  3. Gain critical insight into how to prepare and apply for a career in industry with an academic background.
  4. Network with successful scientists in industry, a number of who have made the transition from academia.

Part of the “What Cell Biology Career is Right for You?” Video Series

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