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COMPASS Committee Liaison: Christina Szalinski

Call for ASCB Ambassadors

The Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS) of the ASCB is happy to announce that the revamped ASCB Ambassador program is looking for new members.

ASCB ambassadors are the local voice of the Society, promoting ASCB events such as the Annual Meeting and opportunities such as awards and scholarships. Moreover, ambassadors will be involved in future outreach activities and surveys sponsored by the ASCB. We need enthusiastic ASCB members who can spread the news through personal contacts and through their institutional e-mail lists, graduate student and postdoc organizations, and social media. It is a great way to participate in your scientific society and is also a leadership opportunity. We currently have 52 ambassadors around the world, and you can be the next one!

Any current ASCB member can be an ambassador (although our preference is to have only one ambassador per academic department/subdivision). Applications may be submitted here. Please include your name, full affiliation, and a short paragraph explaining why you want to be an ambassador.

About the Author:

Christina Szalinski is a science writer with a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.

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