Celldance Mashup Video Will Rock Your Smart Phone

Give us a minute and we’ll knock your cellular socks off. Celldance Studios, a.k.a. the ASCB’s Public Information Committee (PIC), has just released a visually stunning,

Hold on and click here for the Celldance Mashup Video.

Hold tight to your phone and click the image for Celldance Mashup Video.

56-second-long, Celldance Mashup Video of its top 2014 and 2015 films, featuring the world’s most exciting live cell imaging. See cytotoxic t-cells hunt down and destroy cancer cells! See tumor cells sucker macrophages into helping them on their metastatic way! Enter a world of blebbing, shape shifting, and protein motoring where life and death fight it out before your eyes!

There’s a serious motive here for ASCB members. First, here’s the one-minute answer on your smart phone for the next family holiday dinner when a condescending cousin asks, “So you have a PhD in what?” Scream “THIS!” and hit Play.

Second, here’s a chance to tell your very own cell story. Celldance Studios will help you to show the world what drives you in the lab, day after day, manipulating, analyzing, and imaging cells, with the hope of moving science one tiny bit closer to understanding life and health.

Let ASCB’s Celldance Studios help. Submit a proposal by August 1 for a “Tell Your Own Cell Story” video and you may be one of three ASCB member labs selected for a Celldance 2016 unrestricted $1,000 cash grant to produce a short (3-4) minute video. Further, Celldance Studios will take your rough-cut video through postproduction, providing, at our expense, final professional editing, legal music, credits, titles, and promotion. Your Celldance video will premiere on the web and live at the ASCB 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco this December.

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