Announcing COMPASS’s 2015 Comic Contest Winners

Today at the 2015 ASCB meeting Pinar Gurel of the Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS) announced the winners of the 2015 COMPASS comic contest. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize.

First Place—Jennifer Ausland, graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University


X chromosome inactivation by Jennifer Ausland

Second Place— Bruno Cadot, researcher at Center of Research in Myology, in Paris, France


Intergenerational issues in the centrosome by Bruno Cadot

Third Prize—Aditi and Parimal Samir, graduate students at Vanderbilt University


The evolution of gene editing by Aditi and Parimal Samir

Honorable Mention—Vivian Tang, graduate student University of Western Australia


The reign of anti-tumor immunity by Vivian Tang

About the Author:

Christina Szalinski is a science writer with a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.

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