2011 Celldance Winners

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First Place – “Cancer Dance

Submitted by: Tsutomu Tomita (Timelapse Vision, Inc.)

Public Outreach Category Winner – “Animation of Chromosome Alignment and the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint

Submitted by: Bin He (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Second Place – “Mechanosensing

Submitted by: Justin Mih (Matrigen, LLC)

Third Place – “Live Imaging of Cycling and Arrested Tumor Cells”

Submitted by: Neil Ganem (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School)

Honorable Mention – “Drosophila Embryo Development”

Submitted by: U. Serdar Tulu (Duke University)

Honorable Mention – “Hurricane: Cell Cytoplasm Movements

Submitted by: Dong-Hwee Kim (Johns Hopkins University)

Honorable Mention – “Live Fluorescence Imaging of Fibroblasts”

Submitted by: Luo Weiwei (Mechanobiology Institute, University of Singapore)

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