2010 Celldance Winners

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First Place – “Cellular Recognition

Submitted by: U. Serdar Tulu (Duke University)

Public Outreach Category Winner – “Firing NeuronsSubmitted by: Leonard Bosgraaf (Molecular Shots)
Second Place (Tie)– “50 Stars-50 YearsSubmitted by: Rosalind Silverman (University of Toronto)
Second Place (Tie) – “Ciliary Motility in the Mouse Airway Epithelium” & “Motion of Ependymal CiliaSubmitted by: Karl Lechtreck (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Honorable Mention – “Cellular WastelandSubmitted by: Kira Henderson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Honorable Mention – “The ChaseSubmitted by: Mary David (Molecular Devices, Inc.)
Honorable Mention – “Migration of Human Oral KeratinocytesSubmitted by: Torsten Woellert (Syracuse University)
Honorable Mention – “Interphase Mitochondria Dynamics” & Mitochondria Dynamics during MitosisSubmitted by: Jason Stumpff (University of Washington)

2010 Celldance Image Winners

First Place – “Actomyosin and Focal Adhesion in Fly Egg Chamber”Submitted by: Li He (Johns Hopkins University)
Second Place (Tie)– “Promiscuous Membrance Drug TransportersSubmitted by: Graham Johnson (Scripps Research Institute)
Honorable Mention – “An Extended Actin NetSubmitted by: Rosalind Silverman (University of Toronto)
Honorable Mention – “PatronusSubmitted by: Graham Johnson (Scipps Institute)

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