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The Weizmann Institute of Science plays a central role in developing Israel’s scientific brain power. Providing more than one- quarter of the nation’s new PhDs in science and mathematics each year, the Institute strives to cultivate the scientific leaders of tomorrow.

The Weizmann Institute’s Feinberg Graduate School (FGS) trains tomorrow’s scientists, offering  MSc and PhD degrees in five faculties: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics.

The Feinberg Graduate School is one of the leading schools of science in the world, with all instruction in English. Accredited by the Council for Higher Education in Israel and chartered as an institution of higher education in the State of New York, FGS provides the highest quality science education for a community of over 1,000 MSc and PhD students and more than 370  postdoctoral fellows from all over the world at any given time.

Over the years, FGS has  awarded about 4,000 PhD degrees and  nearly 4,000 master’s degrees. FGS alumni have gone on to become leaders in academia and  industry in Israel and  abroad, paving the  way in fields  such as nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, computer vision and  artificial intelligence, and  science teaching for all ages.

The school, which is housed in the David Lopatie Hall of Graduate Studies, applies a unique model for studying science. Each student or postdoctoral fellow is affiliated with a specific lab among the 250 research groups at the Weizmann Institute. Their time in the lab is considered part and parcel of academic duties toward an MSc or PhD, and students are evaluated by their mentors (all principal investigators) for their scientific performance.

In this hand-on atmosphere which promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, it is not uncommon to find graduate students leading their own research projects and publishing their research in leading journals as first authors. They are  given full access to all research facilities and  services on campus and are encouraged to collaborate with peers from other labs, suggest innovative ideas for research, and actively participate in scientific discourse together with the supervisors.

FGS attracts leading science students from all over the world. Here, students are given optimal conditions that will enable them to devote their full time and energy to both coursework and laboratory research. We do that by providing each full-time student with a scholarship (total exemption from tuition) and  living stipend, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. The FGS and the Weizmann Institute also offer subsidized housing, travel allowances for overseas scientific conferences, full social benefits including paid maternity leave, and excellent childcare facilities on campus.

The Charles Clore International House

The Charles Clore International House provides on-campus accommodations for international students. One-third of the Institute’s postdoctoral students are from abroad. Living on campus is of immense importance to students. It allows  them to be close to their labs, where experiments are in progress 24 hours-a-day, many of which require constant supervision. High-speed Internet access is also  available on campus, and the networking opportunities enabled by living in dorms is also of great value to students, and the science overall.

Extensive renovations were begun in 2010 and completed in 2014. The massive restoration project increased the number of rooms available to 92 (with 20 percent double rooms), up from 88, and upgraded the facility to the highest standards of modern design and utility.

The FGS Research Schools

The graduate school is comprised of five donor-funded research schools, mirroring the five faculties of the Institute. The schools offer grants and incentives for students to pursue their research avenues, expanding their contacts with the international research community and enabling greater exposure to world leaders in the  respective fields.

André Deloro Research School of Physical Science
Solo  Dwek and  Maurizio Dwek Research School of Chemical Science
Lorry I. Lokey Research School of Biochemical Science
Ekard Research School of Biological Science
Moross Research School of Mathematics and  Computer Science

Thank you to our donors: Scholarships make a difference

FGS is unique in its approach of offering all students the ability to study tuition-free and receive a living stipend, freeing them up to focus solely on their studies. We are  able to do this thanks to our generous supporters worldwide, who sponsor scholarships for MSc and PhD students, and postdoctoral fellowships.

The Feinberg Graduate School by the numbers

140 MSc degrees awarded annually

140 PhD degrees awarded annually

370 postdoctoral fellows

500 new students and postdocs join us annually

325 international postdoctoral fellows and students

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