The recipients of the Career Recognition Awards will be selected by the WICB Committee. The Junior Award will be given to a woman who has made significant scientific contributions to cell biology and exhibits the potential for continuing a high level of scientific endeavor while fostering the career development of young scientists. The Junior Award is reserved for a woman in an early stage of her independent career (i.e. assistant professor or equivalent).

The Senior Award will be given to a woman or man whose outstanding scientific achievements are coupled with a long-standing record of supporting women in science and mentoring both men and women in scientific careers. The Senior Award is reserved for an established scientist (i.e. full professor or equivalent).

Nominations should include the curriculum vitae of the nominee and a minimum of one letter of recommendation. Please send nominations by August 1, 1996 to Dorothy Doyle at the ASCB National Office, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD, 20814. This year’s recipients will be invited to accept their awards at the 6th International Congress on Cell Biology & 36th American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting in San Francisco, December 7-11, 1996.

Year Name Award Name Award
1995 Senior Virginia Zakian Junior Trina Schroer
1994 Senior Ann Hubbard Junior Julie Theriot
1993 Senior Mina Bissell Junior Cory Abate
1992 Senior Helen Blau Junior Kathy Foltz
1991 Senior Hynda Kleinman Junior Alison Adams
B.J. Taparowsky
1990 Senior Dorothea Wilson
Rosemary Simpson
Junior Sandra Schmid
1989 Senior Dorothy Bainton Junior Jeanne Lawrence
1988 (WICB Committee did not meet in San Francisco to elect award winners.)
1987 Senior Dorothy M. Skinner Junior Vassie Ware
1986 Senior Mary Clutter Junior Mary Beckerle
Elizabeth Taparowsky

Purdue University, WICB Committee member

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