NIGMS Redefines Graduate Training
August 2018 Newsletter

During his interview with ASCB President Jodi Nunnari,1 Jon Lorsch, director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), gave her a hint of the upcoming changes to the NIGMS training program. In describing the changes, Lorsch said “We’re focused on improving the diversity  … Read more

A Good Bill with Bad Implications

Since 2011, Representative William Lacy Clay (D-MO) has introduced a bill in each Congress with a very noble goal: to require that appointments to federal agency advisory committees be made without consideration of political involvement or party membership. Unfortunately, the good intentions also could mean  … Read more

Members of the ASCB leadership on Hill Day. (L-R) Jodi Nunnari, Rocio Gomez, Kerry Bloom, Sadie Wignall, Andrew Ewald, Gary Gorbsky, Deepali Bhandari, Bob Goldstein, Julie Theriot, Andrew Murray, Erika Shugart, Rebecca Heald, Janet Iwasa, Sue Jaspersen.
ASCB Leadership on the Hill
August 2018 Newsletter

The day after the spring ASCB Council Meeting, eight ASCB Council members were joined by five members of ASCB committees for a series of meetings on Capitol Hill. The Council members included ASCB President Jodi Nunnari, ASCB President-elect Andrew Murray, ASCB Treasurer Gary Gorbsky, ASCB  … Read more

ASCB leadership “shocked and saddened” by Supreme Court travel decision

In a letter to ASCB members, Jodi Nunnari, ASCB President, Andrew Murray, President-Elect, and Pietro De Camilli, Past President, said the decision by the United States Supreme Court to uphold the Trump Administration ban on travel from seven countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, North  … Read more

Moving from diversity to inclusion

June is Pride month, and so many articles will get written and posted this month promoting LGBTQ+ diversity in various organizations and institutions. We are fortunate that the ASCB recognizes the value of diversity and promotes the involvement all people, including women, underrepresented minorities, and  … Read more

ASCB issues comments on Next Generation Researchers Initiative

Soon after the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the creation of the Grant Support Index (GSI) in May 2017, the ASCB Executive Committee asked the Public Policy Committee (PPC) to review the new proposal and provide them with a position paper. The GSI  … Read more

Montell offers guidance for bringing politicians into the lab

The American Society for Cell Biology encourages its members to write letters to their local government official, meet with members of Congress on Hill Day, or otherwise engage with the policy-making process in any way that they can, especially with regards to how it affects  … Read more

Senate passes tax bill in the dark of the night
In The News

Just after 2 am December 2, the United States Senate passed a bill that makes significant changes to the American tax system. Days earlier, the House of Representatives passed a similar bill. One of the changes in the bill passed by the House of Representatives,  … Read more

Tax cut bill could raise taxes for graduate students
In The News

Congress is quickly working on a bill that, if passed, would make major changes to the U.S. tax system, including tax reductions that would reduce the amount of revenue coming into the federal government. The 400-page bill approved on Thursday afternoon by the House Ways  … Read more

Hostility to science is spreading; Congressional budget resolution may foretell large cuts for science
November/December 2017 Newsletter

Hostility to science is spreading The results of the September 24 German elections are in, and Angela Merkel should serve a fourth term as German chancellor. The issues that drove the debate in the German election were very similar to the issues debated during the  … Read more