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Symposia Highlights: Nuclear Organization, Neuronal Cell Biology, Quality Control
October 2018 Newsletter

Symposia are among the most popular components of ASCB’s annual meetings. For the 2018 ASCB|EMBO Meeting in San Diego, experts from a plethora of cell science disciplines will host eight symposia over four days on  … Read more

Great Science and Perfect Weather at the 2018 ASCB|EMBO Meeting
October 2018 NewsletterPresident’s Columns

This year will mark the second joint ASCB|EMBO meeting and the 58th annual ASCB meeting, which is being held in my new hometown, beautiful, sunny San Diego, CA! The beaches and weather are as perfect  … Read more

Ahna Skop Chosen Inaugural Recipient of ASCB Prize In Inclusivity
October 2018 Newsletter

Ahna R. Skop, professor of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW-Madison), has been chosen as the inaugural recipient of the ASCB Prize for Excellence in Inclusivity. Skop will receive a cash award of  … Read more

Big Presentation in Historic Location

The location of the meeting was in an out-of-the-way private office at the end of corridors not on the public tours of the Capitol. In fact, the Senate staff member serving as escort had never  … Read more

How Cell Biologists Work with Radhika Subramanian: Building up proteins and spirits in academia

Radhika Subramanian is an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Currently, she is studying cellular structures built from microtubules, and  … Read more

ASCB’s Council declares professional character standards for awardees

The American Society for Cell Biology bestows many honorific awards upon deserving individuals in the life sciences across a diverse spectrum of population groups and across all career stages. We look for people who demonstrate  … Read more

2018 satellite meeting: Bridging the 4D Genome with Cell Biology
October 2018 Newsletter

Arrive early for the 2018 ASCB|EMBO Meeting to attend the 2018 4DN-ASCB Satellite Meeting: Bridging the 4D Genome with Cell Biology from 8 am to 7 pm, on Friday, December 7, at the Marriott Marquis San  … Read more