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Congress and the NIH Spending Bill: The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

It turns out they like us, or so they say. Basic researchers should take note that for the second year in a row, U.S. Senate appropriators have declared funding the National Institutes of Health a  … Read more

Re: Biology Students Struggling with Math
June 2016 NewsletterEdComm

Re: Biology Students Struggling with Math Tired and Desperate, whose letter appeared in the March/April Office Hours with EdComm column, is facing exactly the situation I faced when I decided to write Lab Math in  … Read more

Helping Undergraduates Approach Research Articles
June 2016 NewsletterEdComm

Regardless of our current role in academe, education—for us and for our students—is central to our identity as scientists. With that in mind, the ASCB Education Committee (EdComm) is pleased to offer Office Hours with  … Read more

How to Choose a Research Area
June 2016 Newsletter

Often in our scientific careers we are faced with the question of how to choose an area of research to pursue. As a graduate student picking a laboratory in which to do a PhD, as  … Read more

Washington in Review
June 2016 NewsletterPublic Policy Briefings

The Senate Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Subcommittee has met and marked up its FY17 bill, which includes funds for the National Science Foundation (NSF). The subcommittee provided no increase for NSF, proposing $7.5 billion for FY17. The  … Read more

Credit: Amy Gutierrez/AP, ©HHMI
Hongtao Yu Combines Structure and Function to Solve the Mitotic Mystery of Separase
June 2016 Newsletter

I remember the first time I saw a movie of chromosomes aligned at metaphase in a dividing cell. I was in seventh grade and my 13-year-old mind was largely focused elsewhere, but those first images  … Read more

June 2016 Newsletter

The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology of the Cell has highlighted the following articles from the May 2016 issues. From among the many fine articles in the journal, the Board selects for these Highlights articles  … Read more