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Upcoming Local Meeting
July 2016 Newsletter

The New England Nuclear Envelope Meeting New Haven, CT September 16, 2016 ASCB is pleased to provide funds for graduate students, postdocs, and community college instructors to organize one-day local meetings. Such meetings usually involve  … Read more

ASCB Opens the Door to the New Cell Biology of Cancer

A doorstep meeting is an arrival and a departure in one, so the name suits the ASCB’s first-ever “doorstep” meeting on the Cell Biology of Cancer. It will be both. The Cell Biology of Cancer  … Read more

Meet ASCB’s New Executive Director: Erika Shugart
July 2016 Newsletter

The road that Erika Shugart took then was definitely the less traveled. At the time, mentors were concerned about her decision. In 1997, you didn’t take your PhD in molecular biology and willingly walk away  … Read more

Training to Teach: Preparing for the Other Half of Academia

Academic faculty jobs are difficult to come by, and science graduates are increasingly taking positions outside of academia. Recognizing this trend, ASCB and other organizations are leading efforts to help students who are looking for  … Read more

Cell News—Making cell biology education more interdisciplinary

Research now rarely happens in silos, and cell biology is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary with physics, math, and larger-scale biology. However, cell biology at the undergraduate level is often taught without interdisciplinary elements. Carolyn Weber, Assistant  … Read more

Note on Bias Against Novelty

The use of the Journal Impact Factor as a measure of the quality of scientific research may undervalue precisely the type of novel, “high risk/high gain” research that we need to advance our field. This  … Read more

Our People—Kai Simons Awarded €100,000 Robert Koch Gold Medal

  Kai Simons, the man who launched the lipid raft on the cell membrane and who helped re-invigorate modern cell biology in Europe, has been awarded the 2016 Robert Koch Gold Medal for outstanding life  … Read more