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Megan Cox—Postdoctoral Associate at Genzyme

1. Please describe your current position. I work in research & development at Genzyme studying rare diseases in skeletal biology. 2. How far in advance of your planned starting date did you begin looking for  … Read more

Cell News-How Primary Cilia Find Their Place in Skin

Primary cilia have been the glamour organelles of the early 21st century. First implicated in polycystic kidney disease in 2000, primary cilia now play so many roles in so many defects and diseases that the  … Read more

Fresh Research, Delivered: How to Set up Preprint Alerts

How do you keep up to date on the literature in your field? If you rely exclusively on PubMed alerts, you might be missing out on the very freshest science: preprints, which are manuscripts that  … Read more

Cell News—Lipids have specialized sorting processes too

Proteins and lipids are made in the Golgi apparatus and then are packaged and delivered to specific locations in the cell. Different proteins are known to be sorted into specific packages, but whether lipids are  … Read more

The Crowd Roars as World Dicty Cell Race Returns

Consider the sheer spectacle of the Dicty World Cell Race. Imagine that it’s October 26 at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) laboratory of cell motility researcher Daniel Irimia. Bang goes the opening pipette for the  … Read more

“People in this country have had enough of experts”: How Brexit Could Affect Scientists in the UK

Five years ago, I was in Lille, France, on a two-month sabbatical from my UK PhD program. The sabbatical was supported by a European Union (EU) grant to promote scientific interaction between member states. By  … Read more

Using Disease to Illuminate Basic Cell Biology at ASCB 2016

“Pointing cell biology towards disease has brought so many important insights into pathogenesis. It’s from the cell biology that the next wave of treatments will emerge,” says Joseph Gleeson, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator  … Read more