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Federal Freeze III—Will They or Won’t They?

Long ago—September 29th to be precise—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KS) announced that Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and President Barack Obama would take one last stab at negotiating a budget agreement. The  … Read more

Torsten Wiesel Wins Golden Goose for Research That Started by Monitoring Cat Behavior

While the Nobel Prizes are known for honoring exemplary science, and the Ig Nobels are given for science that seems outlandish, the Golden Goose Awards fall in between. Three years ago the Golden Goose Awards  … Read more

Five Young Scientists, Two Actor-Coaches, Five New Videos From iBiology’s Science Communications Training Camp

How do you tell a good science story? How do you manage your data, your slides, and your specialized vocabulary while still engaging your listeners? How can you get the key points across without fumbling  … Read more

Peter Walter’s Hand-Cranked Discovery Machine

Last June came word that incoming ASCB 2016 President Peter Walter had won the Vilcek Prize, which honors the contributions of immigrants to American life. Walter, who was born in Cold War-divided West Berlin, came  … Read more

Bringing Research to the Classroom: Where to Start
October 2015 NewsletterEdComm

Regardless of our current role in the academe, education—for us and for our students—is central to our identity as scientists. With that in mind, the ASCB Education Committee (EdComm) is pleased to offer Office Hours  … Read more

The Other Side of the Tracks—Tips for Transitioning from PhD Student to Postdoc

*This is the final part of a series on transitioning from PhD student to postdoctoral fellow. Here you can find parts one, two, and three.* The first year of the postdoc is an exciting time,  … Read more

Science Debate Interrupts Washington Summer
October 2015 Newsletter

The quiet, traffic-free days of summer in Washington were interrupted in mid-July when the morning news led with stories about a surreptitiously videotaped “interview” with a Planned Parenthood employee who did not know she was  … Read more