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Cell News—Endocytic pits hop to exocytic sites

Cells like the Beta-cells in the pancreas must quickly deposit proteins stored in vesicles (like insulin), and then retrieve the membrane that fused with the cell surface. How cells do this quickly and efficiently is  … Read more

Cell News—Nanoparticles from cigarette smoke hand on cellular damage that drives emphysema

Why does smoking damage to the cells of the lung’s aveoli continue to progress in emphysema patients years after they give up smoking? In a new eLife paper, a team of Houston-area researchers reports that  … Read more

Cell News—”Slithering” is a newly discovered way that cells get around

During cancer metastasis or during development cells bring up their anchors from the basement membrane. Christin Kuo and Mark Krasnow at Stanford University mapped this process during the formation of lung neuroepithelial bodies in the  … Read more

Being a Scientist and an Artist in Parallel

Artistic scientist and scientific artist A BSc in Biotechnology, MSc in Bioinformatics, PhD in cancer Biology, postdoc… you get the idea! That’s me, a bonafide researcher in biomedical science, your typical “Big Bang Theory” kind  … Read more

A New and Stunning Metric from NIH Reveals the Real Nature of Scientific Impact

What if I told you that nearly 90 percent of the publications which have profoundly influenced the life sciences did not appear in a high-impact factor journal? If you signed the San Francisco Declaration on  … Read more

Cell News—Secrets of the (worm) universe, revised

For fans of classic science fiction, 42 is the secret of the universe, revealed in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe as the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.”  … Read more

Yixian Zheng and The Elusive Spindle Matrix

Yixian Zheng isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions in biology. She studies how cells divide and wants to know what is orchestrating the process, but her ideas haven’t always been immediately embraced. This month her lab  … Read more