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How Cell Biologists Work, with physician scientist Anna Huttenlocher

This is the first article of the series “How Cell Biologists Work” for 2018. In these articles, we hope to reveal the life habits, hacks, and hurdles that leading cell biologists encounter, what they think  … Read more

Exploring our microscopic world at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

In early April, Washington, DC, was swarming with tourists for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, but that wasn’t the only event that brought families to the nation’s capital. At the same time, the USA Science  … Read more

Tone deaf?
April 2018 NewsletterDear Labby

Dear Labby, As a first-year woman medical student, I have appreciated my medical school’s efforts to mitigate unconscious bias. However, today in my pathology lab I had an experience that made me feel belittled and  … Read more

Burnout: solutions from 10,000 feet

As the spring semester comes to an end, I often find myself joking with our first-year graduate students, “Welcome to grad school!” After a year in the lab, they have begun to understand the demands  … Read more

Insights for STEM researchers on going global: A voice from the social sciences
April 2018 NewsletterWICB Columns

Increasing American women’s representation and impact in scientific and technical fields is not only a national imperative—it’s a global goal, and it requires women in STEM to go global! When it comes to international scientific  … Read more

Career Perspectives: Christy Trejo, Research Scientist at BioSpyder Technologies, Inc.

Please describe your current position. BioSpyder Technologies, Inc. is a relatively small biotech company that features a potent assay for high-throughput gene expression profiling. As a research scientist, I am responsible for building on the  … Read more

MBoC solicits papers for a special issue on the Cell Biology of Stem Cells
April 2018 Newslettermboc

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editor-in-Chief David Drubin has announced plans to publish a Special Issue on an important emerging area of cell biology, the Cell Biology of Stem Cells. Yukiko Yamashita, Diane Barber,  … Read more