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ASCB Celldance 2015 Premieres—Now Is the Golden Age of Cell Imaging

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cell biology research comes in all shapes and methods these days but a common pursuit unites many labs—they make awesome videos. Driven by accelerating advances in super-resolution imaging, fluorescent tagging, and Big Data manipulation, we’re  … Read more

Labby “Outed” as ASCB Honors Thoru Pederson
Dear Labby

Ending ten years of excellent advice and clever misdirection, Thoru Pederson was “outed” Saturday night as Labby, the pseudonymous author of the long-running and extremely popular career column, “Dear Labby,” in the ASCB Newsletter. Pederson  … Read more

Brain Cancer Self-Organizes into Streams, Swirls, and Spheres

Commonly, we think of cancer as anarchy, a leaderless mob of deranged cells, storming through the body. Pedro Lowenstein, Sebastien Motsch, and colleagues at the University of Michigan and Arizona State University think that cancer  … Read more

Amoebas Reveals How Human Airway Cells Rally Against Cigarette Smoke Damage

Everyone knows that cigarette smoke is bad for your lungs. Just how bad can be seen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Air pollution and other  … Read more

How Can You Get Involved?

Advocate Participate in regularly scheduled trips to Capitol Hill. Send messages about critical legislative action on Capitol Hill. You receive e-mail alerts from the ASCB notifying you about important action in Congress. More info Join  … Read more

Prime Suspect—Susanne Rafelski Will Explore Latest Evidence Linking Mitochondria and Cancer Biology at ASCB 2015

For cancer biology detectives, mitochondria have not been on the “Most Wanted” list of cellular suspects. Now growing evidence and better investigative tools are implicating mitochondria in the mystery of changes in tumor metabolism. To  … Read more

The Startup Life—Visit Startup Central in the ASCB Learning Center

Have You Got What It Takes? Have They Got What You Want? Galileo sold telescopes, well, at least one before his run-in with the Inquisition. Benjamin Franklin manufactured (but wouldn’t patent) his stoves. Marie Curie  … Read more