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Erin Cadwalder—Government Relations Associate at Lewis-Burke Associates

1. Please describe your current position: I do public and science policy as a government relations associate at Lewis-Burke Associates. We are a lobbying and consultant firm; our clients are all either mid to large  … Read more

The Good Words: Unpacking Dr. F and Stem Cell News from the Cellar

  All the Stem Cell News that Fits the Golden State “The Stem Cellar” is the official blog of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), a state-funded, stem cell research funding agency created in  … Read more

Cell News—Sliding microtubules the missing piece in neuron polarity puzzle

In cell biology, the small mysteries are often the most difficult to solve. Decades of work on microtubules and the protein motors that drive them have revealed how they fit into everything from cell division  … Read more

Reproducibility in Science

The scientific method relies heavily on the reproducibility of experimental data. In fact, reproducibility implies that using the same reagents and model systems, similar experimental results should be obtained as those reported, even if the  … Read more

The Good Words: Serious Money, Serious Science Journalism?

Beantown’s Bedpans and Test Tubes Get Serious Attention at Stat News   When you’re a billionaire, you can buy all sorts of toys and the Boston-based commodities trading tycoon John W. Henry III has bought  … Read more

Jonah Cool—Scientist II at Organovo

1. Please describe your current position. I am a Scientist in the Therapeutics group at Organovo. My primary responsibilities are focused on developing applications for Organovo’s bioprinting technology. On a daily basis I am at  … Read more

Cell News—Cohesin active site fine tunes chromosome binding

Maintaining the structure of a chromosome during cell division is essential, and problems in chromosome segregation can lead to cancer or birth defects. Cohesin is a protein that binds to DNA to maintain chromosome structure,  … Read more