Upcoming Local Meetings
January 2016 Newsletter

ASCB is pleased to provide funds for graduate students, postdocs, and community college instructors to organize one-day local meetings. Such meetings usually involve two or more institutions (within the United States or international), and topics can range from basic science to career development as long  … Read more

ASCB Celldance 2015 Premieres—Now Is the Golden Age of Cell Imaging

Driven by accelerating advances in super-resolution imaging, fluorescent tagging, and Big Data manipulation, we’re living in the Golden Age of Cell Movies. ASCB’s Celldance Studios today releases three new exciting examples of short (4-6 minute) videos, made by cell scientists themselves who tell their own  … Read more

2012 Annual Meeting Exhibitors

1 1DegreeBio, Inc. 3 3D Biotek, LLC 3D HISTECH Ltd. 4 4titude Ltd. A A Slice of Life AAT Bioquest, Inc. AbboMax, Inc. Abcam, Inc. Abgent, Inc. Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corporation ACEA Biosciences, Inc. Adipogen Corporation Advanced Biomatrix, inc. Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. Advanced  … Read more

Adding 85.9K Characters of Better Cell Biology to Wikipedia at ASCB 2015 Edit-a-Thon

The world’s largest encyclopedia gained a little more cell biology expertise Sunday, 85,900 characters to be exact. They were added at the ASCB Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon held at the Annual Meeting in San Diego by 39 volunteers who spent up to four hours learning how to  … Read more

ASCB 2015 Keynotes—Jane Lubchenco and Sallie “Penny” Chisholm

Saturday, December 12, Ballroom 20BC, 6:00pm – 7:45pm The keynote speakers at ASCB 2015, Jane Lubchenco and Sallie “Penny” Chisholm, illustrate the increasing unhelpfulness of pigeonholes in science. Lubchenco and Chisholm could be lumped together as marine biologists although this would explain little about the science  … Read more

Newbie at ASCB? Be a PEST Says ASCB Meeting Veteran Stan Cohn

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your first ASCB meeting. As a veteran of almost 30 ASCB meetings (you can count the rings on my ID Badge if you don’t believe me), I have some great advice on how to get the most out of your  … Read more

Clathrin? In a Work of Art? At ASCB 2015?

Alas, there have been few great works of art about cell biology and fewer still about endocytosis. Indeed, maybe none, that is, until now. Coming to the ASCB Learning Center at the 2015 Annual Meeting in San Diego is one of that rare breed, a  … Read more

Recent Local Meetings Oct 2015
October 2015 Newsletter

Attendees view posters at the 2015 Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium. Beyond the Bench Symposium Cold Spring Harbor, NY. July 18, 2015 Beyond the Bench introduced students to a variety of careers, helped them prepare for those careers, and highlighted the cases of two  … Read more

Nothing is More Alive than Cell Biology—ASCB 2015 San Diego

The paradox of cell biology is that its methods of inquiry are forever changing while the fundamental questions being asked are forever the same, says Stanford University’s Julie Theriot, the Program Chair for ASCB’s 2015 Annual Meeting, December 12–16, in San Diego. “The reason cell  … Read more

Drone Footage of the ASCB2014 Exhibit Hall

Check out our first ever drone footage of the Exhibit Hall at #ASCB2014