Hone your elevator speech
October 2017 Newsletter

Want some help perfecting your elevator speech? Being able to summarize your scientific research concisely and eloquently is crucial—whether you’re speaking to a family member, neighbor, or politician. First attend the Advocacy Toolbox organized by ASCB’s Public Policy Committee at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting, to  … Read more

Hartl and Horwich named 2017 E.B. Wilson Medalists
September 2017 NewsletterAwards

ASCB has selected F. Ulrich Hartl of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Arthur Horwich of the Yale School of Medicine/HHMI to receive its prestigious 2017 E.B. Wilson Medal. Hartl, a biochemist, and Horwich, a geneticist, are pioneers in the realm of cellular protein  … Read more

Cornell’s Scott D. Emr to deliver 2017 Porter Lecture
September 2017 NewsletterAwards

Scott D. Emr will give the 2017 Keith Porter Lecture at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting this December in Philadelphia. Emr is the Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of 1956 Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics and the first director of the Weill Institute for Cell and  … Read more

Career enhancement sessions provide diverse offerings for meeting attendees
September 2017 Newsletter

Along with the myriad scientific speeches, talks, and Symposia offered at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting in Philadelphia this December, the meeting provides attendees with more than three dozen career enhancement and special interest learning sessions. These sessions cover a broad array of topics to interest  … Read more

2017 EMBO Gold Medal winner Maya Schuldiner credits work-life balance for her success
September 2017 NewsletterAwards

For her significant contributions to the understanding of protein synthesis, trafficking, and quality control, Maya Schuldiner of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has been awarded the prestigious EMBO Gold Medal for 2017. At a December 4 ceremony at the ASCB|EMBO meeting in Philadelphia,  … Read more

Celebrating outstanding Cell Biologists at distinct career stages: The WICB recognition awards, past and present
September 2017 NewsletterAwards

Women in Cell Biology Committee Awards Each year, the Women in Cell Biology Committee (WICB) honors three investigators at distinct career stages through recognition awards. The unique and innovative WICB Junior and Senior Career Recognition Awards were established in 1986. The Junior Award for Excellence  … Read more

Quality Control Symposium Examines Mechanisms of Ubiquitin-Dependent Protein Degradation
September 2017 Newsletter

Like any successful factory, cells perform quality control. Explore this topic at the Quality Control Symposium led by Tom Rapoport, Harvard Medical School/HHMI, and Brenda Schulman, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Both Rapoport and Schulman use multidisciplinary approaches to define intricate pathways, and ultimately use  … Read more

A focus on molecular forms and functions at the DNA and RNA Biology Symposium
September 2017 Newsletter

The success of DNA and RNA in, respectively, translating and transcribing their genetic information has as much to do with their physical structure and shape as with the nucleotides they contain. The Symposium on DNA  and RNA Biology at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting will focus  … Read more

Cell Biology of Degeneration and Repair in the Nervous System: A preview of the ASCB Doorstep Meeting
September 2017 Newsletter

Brain development, function, and degeneration are the central themes for the ASCB 2017 Doorstep Meeting, to be held on Saturday, December 2 in Philadelphia. The second annual Doorstep Meeting offers talks by experts from disciplines tackling the cell biology of the brain and gives ample  … Read more

Five ways to make the most of your conference experience

Attending conferences is one of the most important parts of being a scientist. You get to connect with other researchers from all over the world and share your work with them, gaining precious feedback and hopefully returning home full of new ideas. It’s a chance  … Read more