Work with the ASCB

The ASCB is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief for its premier education journal CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE). The principal responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief include:

  • Promoting the journal and communicating about the journal to the broad community of life science educators, education researchers, and other social science scholars
  • Advocating the interests of readers, authors, and reviewers by ensuring that LSE offers fair, prompt, and thorough review, responsible editorial adjudication, and developmental suggestions for revision and clarification
  • Overseeing the peer review process
  • Recruiting and overseeing Editorial Board members
  • Advising the ASCB Council and the Executive Committee as it sets policy about issues including author, reviewer, and editor conduct; copyright; publishing collaborations with other societies; and financial goals of the journal.
  • Conducting a meeting of the Editorial Board by conference call or in person at least annually
  • Reaching out to other societies to elicit their support for the journal
  • Conceptualizing innovative professional development resources to help the growth of the field and the implementation of discipline-based education research findings in the classroom.
  • Assisting to develop a marketing strategy and tactics to reach authors and readers
  • Considering strategies to reach potential authors in new markets, including internationally
  • Ensure that proper standards are upheld by authors, reviewers, and the Editorial Board per ASCB policies

This position comes with stipend. It is estimated to take about 8–10 hours per week. The five-year term begins August 1, 2020, but it is hoped that the successful candidate will be available to work with the present Editor-in-Chief in the months leading up to that date.

Qualities of an Editor-in-Chief:

  • Well respected by both educators and education researchers
  • Ability to listen to and communicate with people with many perspectives and disciplines
  • Prompt responsiveness to communications
  • Clarity of thought and decision making that supports their vision for the journal
  • Ability to be an advocate for the journal and the author community
  • Ability to bridge interdisciplinary communities

Co-editor applications will be considered.

Please submit a letter of interest and your CV to by January 14, 2020.