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Minisymposia and Microsymposia

Minisymposia and Microsymposia Topics

Minisymposia and Microsymposia Topics

Minisymposia and Microsymposia session titles will be determined in late August/early September after all abstracts are submitted and reviewed. Click here for more information about Minisymposia and Microsymposia formats.

There are a total of 5 overarching scientific topics with subtopics for oral presentation in Minisymposia and Microsymposia at the 2019 ASCB | EMBO Meeting. There is also a topic for submission on Education.

Controlling the Cell: The Nucleus, Chromosomes and Cell Division
  • Regulation of Cell Division
  • Mitosis & Meiosis
  • Chromosome Structure
  • the Nucleus
  • From DNA to RNA
  • Other
Cytoskeleton, Motility & Cell Mechanics
  • Microtubules & Motors
  • Cilia/Flagella
  • Actin & Myosin
  • Cell Shape & Polarity
  • Other
Education Minisymposium: Evidence-Based Education: Biology Competency for the Classroom and Beyond
Intracellular Organization & Quality Control
  • Trafficking
  • Organelles & Their Interactions
  • Lipid Trafficking & Membrane Recycling
  • Phase Transitions
  • Autophagy, Protein Turnover & Quality Control
  • Other
Multicellular Cell Biology: From Tissues to Organisms
  • Cell Migration
  • Morphogenesis & Developmental Dynamics
  • Stem Cell & Organoid Biology
  • Metabolism
  • Immunity & Cell Death
  • Other
New Perspectives on Cell Biology: Evolution to Super-Resolution
  • Biophysics & Quantitative Approaches to Cell Biology
  • Emerging Model Systems
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