Ximbio – search, source, share reagents

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Ximbio is a website to trade reagents such as mouse models, antibodies, cell lines and small molecules to maximise commercial opportunities for these valuable tools

PRIMO: Control The Cellular Microenvinnroment

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PRIMO is a new photopatterning device that enables biologists to create any protein patterns and thus precisely control the cellular microenvironment and their cell-based assays.

Remarkable Minds, Need Exceptional Tools

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The new InvivO2 range from Baker Ruskinn ensures that you can study even the most complex cell interactions under precise physiological oxygen conditions.

FluorAbodies™- Intrinsically Fluorescent Antibody Derivatives

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Sandia Biotech

FluorAbodies™ are recombinant and intrinsically fluorescent antibody derivatives. They are much smaller than typical antibodies and offer time saving and accuracy advantages.

Launching the Cell Atlas!

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Cell Atlas Video

Human Protein Atlas (www.proteinatlas.org) launches the Cell Atlas! A large collection of high-resolution microscopy images of the human proteome, for you to explore for free.


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