Welcome educators, students, and the San Diego public. The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is delighted to invite you to a number of events at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015.

We offer free registration to high school teachers (register here) and community college teachers (register here) for our entire meeting (Dec. 12-16) or you may attend just the Saturday programs below with or without students (middle school, high school, undergraduates).

When you first arrive in the registration area with students, please pick up badges at the Saturday Badge Pick-Up Counter. Then please attend any of the events listed below (note: some require preregistration):


3:15 pm-4:15 pm
Undergraduate Program (primarily geared toward undergraduate students and educators)

Pre-register here

Ballroom 6A

Translating Curiosity: Solving the Worm

Paul W. Sternberg, California Institute of Technology

In this discussion targeted to undergraduates, Paul Sternberg will discuss vignettes from his 30 years of work with Caenorhabditis elegans (The Worm) to illustrate how curiosity-driven science leads to translatable results. He will also discuss the prospects and challenges in trying to comprehend an organism in its entirety, with an eye toward our own biology.

Come to the Saturday Badge Pick-Up Counter onsite for badges.

3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Ballroom 6A

Poster Competition and Reception (all San Diego area teachers, students, and parents are welcome and encouraged to attend; only registered undergrads who have submitted a paid abstract by October 14 may present posters on their research) – No preregistration required for those who just want to view the posters and ask questions.

This session allows students to practice presenting their research posters. Students and teachers from the San Diego area are welcome to view the posters to get a sense of how scientists communicate their science.

4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Room 5B

High School Program (for high school students, parents, and their teachers)

Pre-register here

Explore the World with a Fold-Your-Own Microscope

What if every person in the world could carry a microscope around in his or her pocket? That is the idea behind the Foldscope, a 50-cent print-and-fold mass-produced paper microscope. Come build a Foldscope from scratch with developers from the Prakash Lab and ASCB scientist volunteers. Explore the hidden treasures of the microscopic world around you and gain a new perspective for the invisible world that makes everything tick. Students are welcome to bring and investigate their own samples of interest; prepared samples will also be available.

Come to the Saturday Badge Pick-Up Counter onsite for badges.

6:00 pm

Ballroom 20BC

Keynote Symposium (everyone is invited and encouraged to attend)

Pre-register here

(If you are a meeting participant and have already registered for the 2015 ASCB meeting, you do not need to preregister for this event.)

The Keynote Talks will cover cells, oceans, and global human impact. Sallie W. Chisholm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will discuss “Can the Science Paradox be Resolved?” and Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University, will talk about “Tiny Cell, Global Impact: A Journey of Discovery with a Microbe from the Sea.”

Come to the Saturday Badge Pick-Up Counter onsite for badges.