Science Discussion Tables

Roundtable Central Section 3, Learning Center

Whether you’re a student, postdoc, or PI, ASCB will again offer special networking opportunities with senior scientists and peers. Select your interest area and bring your questions to the ASCB Learning Center in the San Diego Convention Center. See the schedule below.

Sunday, December 13, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Table No.



Bruce Alberts


Science education or science policy

2 Pietro De Camilli How to start an independent lab
3 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Organelle dynamics/crosstalk and
4 David Drubin Cytoskeleton
5 Anthony Hyman Phase transition in cytoplasm
6 Richard McIntosh Mitosis and microtubule
7 Thoru Pederson Cell biology of CRISPR
8 David Spector Nuclear organization and function
9 Claire Walczak Mitosis, genomic instability and cancer
10 Peter Walter Protein quality control

Sunday, December 13, 3:00 pm-3:50 pm

Table No. Presenter Topic
1 Lisa Belmont Why cell biology is important for drug discovery
2 Eric Betzig Microscopes for cell biology
3 Erich Jarvis Pursuing your scientific passions
4 Kathryn Lilley Organelles and spatial organization of the cell
5 Laura Machesky Cancer cell migration, invasion and metastasis
6 Tom Misteli Genome organization or career development
7 Susanne Rafelski Quantitative cell biology and QCBNet
8 Jody Rosenblatt Epithelial cell extrusion

Monday, December 14, 3:00 pm-3:50 pm

Table No.

Presenter Topic
1 Sue Biggins Mitosis or chromosome segregation
2 Craig Blackstone Endoplasmic reticulum
3 Guillaume Charras Cell and tissue mechanics
4 Michael Rosen Physical mechanisms of protein phase separation
5 Ian Macara Cell polarity, stem cells, and breast cancer
6 Timothy Mitchison Microtubules, mitosis pharmacology, cancer inflammation
7 Carien Niessen Cell adhesion and polarity
8 Jean Schwarzbauer Cell adhesion, integrins, and ECM
9 Ron Vale

Science communication and outreach

Tuesday, December 15, 3:00 pm-3:50 pm

Table No. Presenter  















1 Mina Bissell What regulates P53 activity in physiological conditions. Minain normal breast?
2 Daniela Cimini Aneuploidy
3 Elizabeth Marincola Open Access
4 Kathleen Green Cell adhesion and signaling
5 Rebecca Heald Cell division and biological size control
6 Denise Montell Cell adhesion, cell migration, cell survival
7 Samara Reck-Peterson Cytoskeletal molecular motors
8 Forest Rohwer Microbiomes and Holobionts
9 Gia Voeltz Organelle biogenesis