The ASCB welcomes all “Working Press” to cover the largest yearly meeting of research cell biologists in the world. To preview the meeting for journalists, the scientist-members of ASCB’s Public Information Committee (PIC) “peer screen” the more than 1,000 abstracts submitted for possible platform presentation at the meeting and come up with our “Novel & Newsworthy Top Picks.” The Top Pick abstracts selected by the PIC are usually the top-breaking news stories at the meeting.To get early access to ASCB’s 2014 “Top Picks,” sign up today for Working Press registration. You’re under no obligation to show up in San Diego. Come December, the onsite ASCB Newsroom can help you get your story, whether you’re in town or working from afar.Stuck in your office? Cover breaking stories at the ASCB/IFCB meeting from your desk. We can help set up interviews with scientific newsmakers at the meeting and find researchers who might be able to comment on new research. Contact John Fleischman at via email or 513-706-0212.


Press Registration in San Diego, CA

Online Working Press registration will close shortly before the meeting. Walk-up Working Press registration, however, will be available in San Diego at the ASCB Newsroom.

Who Is Working Press?

Working Press includes:

  • Reporters
  • Science writers
  • News producers
  • Desk editors
  • Freelance science journalists
  • Public information officers for nonprofit institutions
  • Journalism teachers and students covering the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting
  • Full-time professional editors for scientific journals
  • Science bloggers (will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Note: Academics or researchers who serve as journal editors should also register as regular members of the Society.
Identification Requirements

Working Press at the meeting must have both personal and professional identification. Professional identification might include:

  • A police or other official “press” card
  • A PIO badge or other identification from a nonprofit research institution
  • A media business card, or an assignment letter from an editor or news producer who can be contacted
  • Journalists who are current members of the National Association of Science Writers, International Science Writers
  • Association, or Canadian Science Writers Association may use their membership cards as professional identification

Note: Bloggers must contact John Fleischman in advance of the meeting.

If you have questions about status and/or qualifications, contact John Fleischman via email or 513-706-0212.

Media Contacts

John Fleischman, ASCB Senior Science Writer
513-929-4635 (Eastern U.S. time)

513-706-0212 (cell)

866-405-2221 (fax)


Kevin Wilson, ASCB Director of Public Policy



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If you have questions about your eligibility to register as a journalist, contact John Fleischman at or (513) 706-0212.